Check out the RISCOSS Presentation by Xavier Franch, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Inadequate risk management has been identified among the top mistakes to avoid when implementing OSS-based solutions. Understanding, managing and mitigating OSS adoption risks is therefore crucial to avoid potentially significant adverse impact on the business. We present RISCOSS, a forthcoming risk-aware decision-making platform integrating business and technical levels. RISCOSS maps collected data into risk indicators and then into business goals. The platform will be validated against a collection of use cases coming from different types of organizations

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Latest News

IEEE Workshop on Risk Management of OSS Components and Communities, July 21-25, Sweden

RISCOSS will support the organization of the 1st IEEE International Workshop on Risk Management of OSS Components and Communities (WRMOCC), at COMPSAC 2014, the 38th Annual International Computers, Software & Applications ConferencePaper submission sites for all workshops will be open on Feb. 3, 2014. more...

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