Open World Forum, Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2014, Paris

Oct 30 2014


OW2 community and RISCOSS project coordinate, at the Open World Forum 2014 Conference, a session about:
Open Source Collaborative Innovation in Europe

The session is focusing on presentations of EU funded R&D projects, including:

Session abstract:
Through a selection of state-of-the-art project presentations, this session will illustrate how publicly-funded collaborative innovation programs leverage open source to help shape the future of the IT industry. Change in the IT industry is characterized by the raise of complex, highly capital-intensive systems and multi-year innovation programs. Many publicly-funded research and innovation projects adopt an open source approach from the implicit understanding that making the code of unfinished components freely available keeps open the opportunity for third-party stakeholders and contributors to complete the software. As we all know that publishing code is not enough to develop a community of developers and only a minority of open source projects actually make it to stardom.
In this session we invite the leaders of publicly-funded collaborative projects to share their experience with the audience. With example drawing from the most state-of-the-art projects in cloud computing, big data, software engineering and breakthrough internet applications, they will explain what is the role of open source in their projects. We ask them to be candid and share with the audience their expectations, their successes and their difficulties.

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