Try RISCOSS GitHubAnalyser

May 09 2015

What has RISCOSS to say about this GitHub project?

Whether it is your own project or any project you are interested in RISCOSS can analyse it and return some cool results. Check out how to use GitHbAnalyser  (yes that's what we call this version of RISCOSS) here.

Here is what the RISCOSS GitHubAnalyser is looking at for you:

Obsolescence Risk
This type of risk mainly refers to the lack of activeness of the development  community, which causes the risk of the software component being out-of-date.

Bug Risk
This type of risk refers to possible presence of bugs in the code due to either the size of the repository (difficult to be kept under control), or to a high open/closed issue ratio, which may mean low effectiveness in closing bugs.

Analysability Risk
This type of risk refers to the lack of quality of the software, which could make it difficult to understand it from the adopter.

Maintenance Risk
In a nutshell, Maintenance risk refers to the existence of one or more of the above risks.