Seventh Workshop on Requirements Engineering and Law, August 26, Sweden

Aug 26 2014

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Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO and RISCOSS Project active contributor, will offer a keynote speech at RELAW'14 in Karlskrona, Sweden, in conjunction with the 22nd IEEE International RE'14 (Requirements Engineering Conference).


The unified registration to RELAW'14 Workshop and to RE'14 Conference is now open:

Several members of the RISCOSS Project Consortium, including FBK Professor Angelo Susi and Alberto Siena, FBK and Program Chair of this 7th Workshop will attend RELAW'14.

The objective of RELAW is to foster the discussion related to requirements engineering triggered by any legal regulation or law, identifying existing problems and envisioning possible new solutions. As a consequence, the workshop is strongly multi-disciplinary, and seeks to bring together practitioners and researchers from government, industry, and academic sectors.

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